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Flirting tips shy girls dating

Men tend to perceive the most innocent touch as a sign of something more. Whether it’s affection, love, curiosity or flirting. So make sure you adjust his collar or give him a slight hug him whenever you see him.

Whenever you touch a guy’s arm or leg when you’re telling him something funny, entertaining, or when you’re trying to make a point, he’s definitely going to catch your signals. These gestures express some degree of affection, and the more you make them, the faster he will come to realize that you’re interested in him.

Just make sure you pose as an organizer and have him invite a couple of people too.

Once you are on the outing that’s when you’ll make your intentions a little more known.

From there it’s time to learn a little more about the hobby if you have no previous experience with it.

If you learn he’s really into bowling or fishing, maybe try to do a little online reading and learn a couple of things about these sports and mention the things you’ve learned the next time you talk to him.

Everybody likes to be taken by surprise every now and then.

And nothing will surprise a man like an unexpected gift from a female acquaintance.

You won’t find it too hard to ask him to join you at an art gallery or karaoke bar.

Go out for drinks and make sure he’s coming; engage in small talk with your friends, but make sure you dedicate most of your time to him.

Let him see you want to have a conversation with him more than anyone else, but don’t act desperate.

But being a shy girl, I know that you might find that to be a bit nerve racking.

An alternative is to invite the whole crew or a few co-workers to go with you as a group outing.

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