Event itemupdating which wasn t handled

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The URL of the attachment is not stored in the list item itself. Only if you want to start querying the folder structure within a document library, you have to apply specific CAML.

CAML contains an option Include Attachment URLs that can be used to retreive the URL of the attachment(s), together with the other properties of the list item. To be able to better demonstrate the subtilities I created a folder structure in my Shared Documents library, and added a set of files to the different folders.

We also changed the flow of the user interface a bit.

The attechments are not stored in the list item itself, but are stored in a sub folder of the list. Load(files, fs = Limitations Following CAML subtilities doesn’t seem to be working with the Caml Query object of the .It works on the server side SPQuery and with the node of the Get List Items method of the web service , but it doesn’t seem to be available with the Caml Query object of the . If you need to retrieving the attachments itself you will have to write some extra code that retrieves the files from the Attachment folder: Folder folder = client Context. (Needless to say that Share Point Manager 2010 provided me this insight in my document library 🙂 ).For example, if you want to query all files and folders in your document library, no matter how deep they are nested, you have to add a Scope attribute to the View element, and set its value to Recursive All: You can always add a Query element in the View element and specify a Where clause to add an extra filter to the query, or an Order By clause to sort the result.Updated: The version downloadable from the site is a click-onnce application, meaning that each time you start the application, it checks online if no newer version exists. your server is not connected to the internet) and you want to download an off-line version, you can The tool is still in beta and I know there are still a few glitches.We are working on it and will post new versions of the tool frequently.

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You can download the tool from the download section of the biwug site.