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“Learning how to sincerely apologize is an essential social skill that helps to decrease resentment and conflict in most relationships,” says Derichs. ”); (4) Showing remorse (“I’ll try not to do that again.”); and (5) Asking for forgiveness are all ways in which you can learn to apologize.

“Shame and guilt often get in the way of learning how to apologize.” She breaks it down into five main steps: (1) Expressing regret (“I’m sorry.” “I feel badly about what I did.”); (2) Taking responsibility (“I was wrong. This skill will take you far—especially if you often drink with your boss.

Sometimes this search for “why” leads them to believing that their partner is abusive because they experienced child abuse or went through some other form of trauma in their past.

You don’t have to be a brilliant comedian or charismatic actor to hold court at a meeting, wedding, or cocktail party.

You should have a handful of fun stories that will entertain both friends and strangers, and know how to calibrate them, depending on the audience and circumstances (yes, you should skip the more ribald stuff at work events).

And one thing’s for sure: you don’t have to be a seasoned standup comedian to tell a good story.

As someone on the cusp of middle age, there are some things in life—whether it’s applying first-aid at a moment’s notice, or simply knowing how to treat a woman—that you need to be able to do to be considered a well-rounded, knowledgeable, and dependable man.

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