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Tips for Planning Successful ESL Speaking Activities Essential tips for planning and running speaking activities in your English language class 1.

Teaching English Literature: Metaphor Complete lesson plan and activity ideas for teaching and practicing metaphor 2.

ESL Lesson Plan: Comparatives & Superlatives Have fun teaching adjectives with this interactive lesson. ESL Reading and Speaking Activity: Comparatives & Superlatives Students read about and discuss 5 young world record holders as a reading exercise. ESL Lesson Game: Action with Adverbs An interactive group game to practice adverbs.

Great for ESL students or native speakers learning grammar. Lesson Plan: Make Narrative Exciting with Adverbs A lesson plan to integrate grammar with writing skills 5.

ESL Lesson Game: My Amazing Imaginary Life This creative activity will help students master the use of perfect tenses 6.

Lesson Plan: Fun with Verb Tenses This interactive and fast-paced group game will help students review simple and perfect tenses.

Therefore, I write the numbers 1-10 across the top of the board.

I ran a review lesson with a number of exercises testing their understanding of the target language.

It can be adjusted for use with any other tenses as well. Lesson Plan: Perfect Tenses Presentation material for teaching present perfect, past perfect and future perfect 8.

Lesson Plan: Verbs Daily Routine Adjustable lesson plan to practice different verb tenses by filling in the daily planner of a superhero 1.

I was surprised how my shy, quiet students exploded into life and began desperately outbidding each other.

This can be helped even more if you get into the role of auctioneer a little!

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The game is lots of fun and requires surprisingly little time to plan.

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