Error updating locale

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Error updating locale

When packages are being modified (for example, being updated), the client examines related packages and their dependencies.

See also Relaxing Version Constraints Specified by Incorporations.If any origin URI of any of your enabled publishers is unreachable, the install or update operation fails, even if the locations you need are reachable.If you cannot fix the problem that makes the location unreachable, you can remove the unreachable origin with publisher origin is set to the public release repository, then you cannot update a package to a version that is only available from a support repository.Check whether the package you want to install is available from configured publishers and can be installed in this image.The installed version of incorporation package constrains the versions of many other packages to help maintain a working, supportable image.

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Use the command always shows installed packages, even if the package is not available from any configured publisher origin.

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