Employer funding for accommodating disabled workers warning signs when dating

Posted by / 09-Jun-2020 13:17

Many reasonable adjustments involve little or no cost and could include: Find out more about what reasonable adjustments are and what you may need to do.

Access to Work can help towards the costs of making reasonable adjustments.

Older workers often have a vast amount of experience, knowledge and skill.

By not retaining older workers you can face a loss of output and extra recruitment costs.

This means ensuring disabled people can overcome any substantial disadvantages they may have doing their jobs and progressing in work (Equality Act 2010).

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If you don’t, they could take you to an employment tribunal.

You must not discriminate against disabled people at any stage of the recruitment process.

It can help you to: The costs of making reasonable adjustments to accommodate disabled employees are often low.

The benefits of retaining an experienced, skilled employee who has acquired an impairment are usually greater than recruiting and training new staff. You must make reasonable adjustments to support disabled job applicants and employees.

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