Elliv island cheats dating

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Elliv island cheats dating

Now pull up your map again and go back to the water fall.Once here, head left and use the rock platforms until you get to the top (Keep going until you get to a new section).When you get to the new section, go ahead and head left until you cannot go left any further where you will see some rocks that you cannot move!Take out the gunpowder we found and then the rope which we will use for a fuse.Now we need to pull out the map again and this time head to the camp which is in the lower left hand corner.

Once you get here, pick up the shovel that is sticking out of the ground.• Life on the island goes on even when you’re not in the game.• The game doesn’t require a constant Internet connection.When you get to this part of the island, head right until you get to the Dodo birds in the nest.Standing just to the left of them (just in front of the fish skeleton), pull out the Goblet with the fish in it and set it on the ground.

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Cheat or tip: Use your mouse to dive under water and then click on a fish to catch him!

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