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These two professionals know the value of collaboration, and they want to continue learning and growing by reaching out to matchmakers and dating professionals who share similar goals and business models.Nancy said they can help more people by referring to other leaders in the matchmaking industry and advising each other on the latest tools available.Now these two longtime friends have decided to expand their reach and influence by partnering with dating professionals throughout the world.They’ve launched a forward-thinking matchmaking tool called Worldwide Matchmaker to create a centralized database where matchmaking companies big and small can share their resources.Barbara and Nancy told us they believe the future of matchmaking lies in collaboration because that’s how dating professionals can maintain an impressive success rate without spreading themselves too thin. Nancy Gold have been best friends since childhood, but they didn’t become business partners until 2012, when they decided to start a matchmaking firm.

Barbara and Nancy told us that collaboration is necessary in their line of work, and they look for ways they can work with other matchmakers to create more helpful tools and give clients access to the best resources possible.

“We work closely with other matchmakers,” Barbara added.

“We do a lot of sharing and collaborating because then everybody’s happy.” A magazine editor at East reached out to Elegant Introductions earlier this year to see if the matchmakers would be interested in writing a dating advice column on a weekly basis. They eagerly started tackling hot topics in the dating world, including how to spot red flags and how to keep a summer romance alive.

Nancy and Barbara take the time to get to know their clients and understand what they’re looking for and what they need.

They invest a lot of time and energy into making matches and providing feedback to ensure each client has a great experience. said she had worked with another high-end matchmaker before becoming a client with Elegant Introductions, and the difference between the two companies was like night and day.

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Many clients write to the matchmakers to say they’ve gotten engaged or married thanks to Elegant Introductions’ dating service, and those notes hit home with Barbara and Nancy because that’s exactly why they got into the dating industry.

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