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The Drupal community should not "discriminate against people for who they are on the outside, for what they believe, for what they value, or for how they lawfully, consensually, and peacefully live their personal lives," it said.

It's equally unclear what sort of other behavior of which Garfield is being accused.

Here's another good example of the limits of liberal "tolerance": in the name of equality and diversity, tech leaders have turned against a long-respected member of their community over his private and consensual sex practices.

According to Executive Director Megan Sanicki, the association began looking into Garfield last October at the behest of another member of the Drupal community.

That person had discovered Garfield's profiles on membership kink and dating websites and shared some screenshots with Drupal leadership.

WD Web Connections is a 100% free dating site dedicated to people with STD's. The site was just lunched June 29th, 2007, please provide any feed back you may have.

Hello, I am also trying to create a dating section in a site for a niche group (arts/culture) and would love to know how you created a dating site in Drupal?

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The idea that women should be submissive to their husbands is a prominent feature of many religious faiths, and a value that plenty of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others still hold dear—typically with way less add-on feminism than you'll find in BDSM relationships.