Drake equation dating

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Or would I really prefer the couch and my puppy and my favourite boyfriends Ben and Jerry………???

The equation was used by Frank Drake in 1961 to estimate the number of active, communicative, extra-terrestial civilizations in the Milky Way.

Searching soulmate in your life is a lot like SETI.

In all that vastness, just as the aim of searching for some form of life in the universe, we are seeking for someone else on earth to share the rest of our life with.

Nor do I want to see wrinkly butt on a Sunday morning therefore, I think 32 – 42 is an appropriate age range.

0.31% Fs = the fraction of men in Sydney who can spell and not use lol in their messages and preferably have a university education but I know that is probably pushing the boat out o.26 Fb = the number of straight, age-appropriate, university-educated non lol-ing men in Sydney who I actually find attractive I’ll be generous and say one in 20, 5%, 0.05 L= the length of time I have been alive and hence making an encounter of a potential boyfriend possible 32 (though I don’t remember prioritising this in the first 10 of those years and in all honesty wasn’t really a possibility until GHD’s were invented and I could tame my frizzy mane) Petey simplifies the above specification by recognizing that the number of people who have ever lived in Australia is related to population growth rate by N = (funny bit that I can’t find the keys for on my laptop) where T is the age of the UK.

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If I haven’t in 12 months I may have to consider a woman…least that would double my wardrobe and shoe collection.

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