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If the Focus leadership had enough concern to not rebroadcast the tape then why were we still offering it to the public?Well, at the same time they were trying to avoid a public relations disaster the popular audio tape was a great money-maker (but ultimately it will cost Focus).By refusing to take responsibility for their error they demonstrate that they have no real interest in the truth and prefer that people remain in the dark if it means avoiding embarrassment on their part.The ministry could set the record straight on this issue using a variety of media outlets if they so desired.In the late summer of '97 I had a conversation with another Focus employee in the Administration building at the Focus headquarters here in Colorado Springs.

It featured the story of Tom Papania and was made available to the Focus constituency via an audio cassette tape titled "From Mafia to Ministry" for the suggested donation of .Scarfone has publicly admitted to the agreement but Focus on the Family has not.I felt a sense of betrayal in realizing that along with the general public I too was deceived by the Focus leadership.My purpose in this writing is to inform concerned Christians of this credible information by linking them to these articles (written from Christian perspectives).But before I do that I would like to comment on some very problematic issues that are receiving little or no attention from any other sources.

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Papania." This has been the position of Focus on the Family since Papania's fraud was discovered.

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