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Datingwithintegrity com

· You're attracted to the wrong kind, while the right kind lack the "chemistry." · You're waiting for God to bring you the right person--and you've been waiting an awfully long time.

· You wonder why people who aren't as nice as you get all the dates.

Be the Same Person in Private as You are in Public: It is often said that the measure of a person’s character is what he/she does when no one is watching. Be Accountable for Your Actions and Behavior at All Times: Accept credit for your successes gracefully, but more importantly, accept responsibility for your mistakes and wrongdoings without being forced to do so.

You’ve heard it all: “Save sex for marriage,” “pray for a spouse,” “God will send you someone when you’re ready,” “it happens when you least expect it,” “enjoy this season,” “singleness is a gift” and, of course, “WAIT! If you would stay up-to-date with our events, join our email campaign by sending us a quick email to [email protected] like/follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

We must respect the ideas and views of other people.

Sometimes we must put the needs of others before our own needs.

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