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Datinglov ru

They must also be original copies from the issuing body in the relevant country.

Please note, a notarised translation is typically required for any documents not in French, German or Italian. You may be asked to produce that of your parents during pre-wedding preparations.

Same-sex couples are not required to have any witnesses.

The ceremony will be performed in the local language (German, French or Italian).

an existing marriage) time to notify the registrar.

The ceremony must take place no less than 10 days and no more than three months after authorisation is granted.

As a result, there are no limitations on what religious ceremonies you have, nor are there any requirements.

All documents proving marital status (birth certificate, divorce certificate and so on) must be less than six months old.You must be over 18 and not already married or in a civil partnership in order to marry or enter a civil partnership. Only a civil ceremony at a registry office creates a legally binding union.Find your local civil registry office in Switzerland to apply.Weddings cannot take place on Sundays or public holidays.For heterosexual couples, the ceremony must be witnessed by two adults. If not, the registrar’s staff will usually step in.

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All Swiss weddings must include a civil ceremony – which takes place at a registry office – in order for the marriage to be legally valid.

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