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Datingforme com

I keep thinking that maybe this time my lust is love, but it’s not and it’s really screwing me up.I get very excited when there’s physical chemistry.I want to spend all of my time with this person and I crave them because I enjoy the high that the physical chemistry gives me.

I won’t find the right person for me from chasing highs. I just absolutely love when I have chemistry with someone, whether physical or emotional. I sometimes chase it even when it isn’t in my best interest.

I get myself all worked up in a frenzy over this person, so when it ends, I’m devastated even if we were only together a short time. What sucks even more is that the other person generally isn’t suffering as much as I am, so I feel stupid.

I know I’m not stupid, but the over the top hurt makes me feel that way. I keep going after people who are also emotionally unavailable.

Infatuation is short-lived and wildly intense; love is grounded and can still be intense but not in the same way.

Unfortunately, it’s the former that usually takes over and leads me to people who aren’t good for me every single time.

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