Dating women with long natural fingernails

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Dating women with long natural fingernails

Artificial nails were once worn by Chinese women during the Ming Dynasty (14th -17th century).

In this case, these nail extensions were worn by noblewomen to further show that they did not have to use their hands for manual labour, unlike commoners.

Many women started copying her style, striving to look like the knockout celebrity.

Much like painting one’s nails, artificial nails, which mimic real nails and add length and a healthy appearance to nails, have an astoundingly long history.

On humans and other primates, nails are a flattened version of a claw which likely developed to aid in gripping and climbing.

Am I being unnecessarily prejudiced in this thinking? I don't have a large enough sample set yet to draw a conclusion. I have really long natural nails filed to dagger points and I can do everything I need to. I work construction/woodwork/dressmaking and graphic design. I can’t open a soda can without a tool but I don’t drink soda so that’s not my problem.Of course, many “proper” women didn’t dare paint their nails for several decades after that, but Hollywood stepped in.In 1940, it became the style to have long, red nails, likely spurred on by actress Rita Hayworth.What you are saying is fair, open-minded and insightful.I completely agree with you regarding the unsanitary aspect of long nails.

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I started getting them done because my real nails would frequently chip at my part-time waitressing job and I like the look of a nice well-kept nail. If they're chewed to hell, that's a bit gross.

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