Dating women have been sexually abused Free sex cyber chat room online

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Dating women have been sexually abused

The information in this booklet will help you place the responsibility for the abuse on the abuser - where it belongs.

This booklet will: Sexual abuse is an abuse of power.

You might have difficulty acknowledging that you were sexually abused, and that another person had such power over you.

You might even believe that being abused has made you less of a man.

Your counsellor may ask you about any symptoms of post-traumatic stress that are impacting you, for example, flashbacks, nightmares, depression, anxiety, or relationship difficulties.

S/he will help you to develop skills to manage intrusive or overwhelming thoughts, feelings or sensations.

As a result most men resist admitting they were once overpowered and helpless, and this is called "denial". Because of social values and attitudes, denial of vulnerability is usually stronger in men than in women.

He or she may have compounded the abuse by forcing you to keep it secret and by making you feel responsible.

Sexual abuse doesn't refer only to sexual touching.

Our culture encourages males to believe they should be in charge of every aspect of their lives, so when boys are abused, they often think they should have been able to stop the abuser.

Later, as adults, they may blame themselves for having allowed the offender to have power over them.

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A counsellor can help you work through any thoughts or feelings you may have.