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Dating whiting davis bags

And, when compact bags became the rage in the 1920s, W & D responded with such creations as the Piccadilly, Delysia, and Baby Peggy. It provided the fashion-conscious buyer with enhanced opportunities to select the ideal bag that would perfectly complement and complete her ensemble.Some trim elements were more subtle than others: on more expensive bags, for instance, the color of the silk lining was often chosen to coordinate with the enameling on the bag or frame.The firm even ran an ad campaign in homemaking magazines with a coupon readers could fill out and return.Forwarded to clueless gift-givers, “this subtle, but helpful suggestion will tell him what you really want,” allowing the lucky Whiting & Davis gift recipient to “walk hand in hand with fashion”.On other bags, such as some in the Whiting & Davis El-Sah line, trim was kept to a minimum, with the focal point a central jewel, or a series of jeweled stones, dotting the mesh, and repeated in the bag chain.

Popular variations included the “dome” or “cathedral” frame, introduced in the early 1920s; the dome arch gave bags greater depth, and allowed the mesh to drape more gracefully.

Mandalian operated independently until 1944, when it too came under the W & D umbrella.

Over the years, Whiting & Davis applied its mesh-making skills to other profitable fashion avenues, including mesh bibs, belts, billfolds, and bracelets.

The purses were created of the finest available materials – from precious metals to gemstones – and sported designs by such fashion mavens as Elsa Schiaparelli and Paul Poiret.

This was the handbag as jewelry: the ultimate fashion adornment.

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With automation, mesh bags were now within buying reach of the general public.

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