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Her boyfriend, 32, had strangled her after an argument.

As these statistics show, typically, when we think about violence on college campuses, we think about sexual assault.

If you would like to speak with an advocate near you for support or about any domestic violence matter, just enter your location information below and a list of nearby support phone numbers will appear.

Using a sample of female college students involved in a current dating relationship, we investigate the nature of violence in these intimate relationships to better understand the concept of violence mutuality.

And while 52 percent of college students know someone being abused, many don’t intervene because they think it will make matters worse, they feel it is not their business, they think it will hurt their relationship with the victim, they know the abuser or they are afraid the abuser might make their own life more difficult.

Redetzke Field adds, “Violence in high school relationships carries over to college.

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We find no notable differences in experiences with violence among those in casual versus exclusive relationships.

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