Dating violence and sexual assault Freechat cam2 cam

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Dating violence and sexual assault

Instead, he or she takes advantage of the victim’s trust and his/her position of authority.

Sexual violence is a problem deeply rooted in our society precisely because it is the result of multi-layered oppressions that are interconnected with other forms of oppression, including sexism, racism, ageism, and heterosexism.

The person who commits sexual violence has made a choice to do so and frequently targets an individual based on his or her vulnerability and/or likelihood to report or be believed.

Acts of sexual violence are not motivated by sexual desire and should not be confused with sex.

Numerous studies demonstrate the prevalence of these crime here in Massachusetts and more generally in the U. Despite the high prevalence of sexual violence, it’s estimated that only about 16% of victims of sexual violence ever report to the police.

One of the reasons for such low reporting rates is the incredible scrutiny that victims undergo when they come forward.

The many fears that contribute to decisions not to report may also influence a victim’s choice to recant a report of sexual assault.

Many times the sexual offender doesn’t use physical force with the victim.

It doesn’t matter what the victim was wearing, if either party was drunk, where it took place, how long they had been dating, if they had been sexually intimate before, or anything else.

The responsibility for sexual violence lies solely with the perpetrator.

Several terms such as sexual assault, rape, drug or alcohol facilitated sexual assault, and date rape have both legal and societal meanings. adopted a definition of sexual violence that incorporates a combination of societal and individual viewpoints of the issue.

Below you'll find information on the following related topics: Terms and Definitions What is the root cause of sexual violence? Sexual violence is a multi-layered oppression that occurs at the societal and individual level and is connected to and influenced by other forms of oppression, in particular, sexism, racism, and heterosexism.

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It is key to understand the roots of sexual violence on a societal and cultural level.

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