Dating tudric pewter

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Dating tudric pewter

The vase has been well used but is in good condition.There are no major dents or damage and it displays beautifully.The Museum has collected brass since its earliest days.Two of the collection's strengths are its candlesticks, reflecting 350 years of changes in style across Europe, and the dishes, which illustrate the great traditions of basin-beating in Germany and engraving in Italy.Large bequests from Colonel Croft Lyons in 1926 and Alfred Yeates in 1945 added over 700 metalwork objects to the collection. Many of his personal labels recording where and when he bought items are still stuck to the objects.Pewter quality control In England the Worshipful Company of Pewterers was established in 1478 to take control of the expanding pewter trade.On completing an apprenticeship, pewterers were required to register a 'touchmark' to be stamped on their wares, which had to meet set standards of quality.Inspectors or 'searchers' from the Company travelled around England visiting workshops and testing items.

An interest in English pewter grew after 1900 and increased with the foundation of the Pewter Society in 1918.People used brass fireguards, soap containers and tobacco boxes in their homes.Brass candlesticks and holy-water buckets played their part in church services.Venice was the centre of trade with Muslim countries to the east, whose decorative styles influenced Italian engravers.In England the industry developed slowly until 1700, when new foundries in Birmingham and Bristol rapidly expanded brass manufacture.

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The V&A's brass collection covers a wide range of dates and styles - from medieval water jugs with lion-head spouts to sleek warming dishes of the early 20th century. It included mass-produced goods, lighting for middle-class houses and clocks for the aristocracy.