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Say that you where thinking of going to see that film next week and suggest that you might go together.You can use this sort of approach of other things as well, not just films.News website Ananova has a ‘Quirkies' section which is worth checking out.It is also worth brushing up on celebrity gossip as that can also be a good ice breaker.Ask your date about themselves, what they like to do in their spare time or if they have travelled and where they have been.Listen with genuine interest and expand on what they say. If the conversation is beginning to waver then this might be a good time to tell them about the funny news story you saw.The most important thing is to secure a second date.

You may never actually even need the plan as everything might flow naturally, but again, prepare just in case.

The end of the first date is the time, if you want to, to secure a second date.

You could do this by changing the subject to talk about films and then ask if there is anything they want to see at the cinema at the moment.

Having a plan for your first date conversation might sound a little crazy, but it will help give you some confidence.

Your first date conversation plan should be a loose idea of what you want to talk about and at what points during your first date.

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