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Dating the book of ezekiel

One such Talmudic legend held that the original book of Ezekiel was buried with the prophet in his tomb and was left there to be revealed in the last days.

Whether or not that legend turns out to be true, Ezekiel remains the most mysterious of the Hebrew prophets and his writings – with their accounts of strange flying objects and other rare “visions of God” – are reserved by strictly observant Jews only for the most learned.

But David Zwebner, whose parents-in-law provided the funds to publicly display the tiles at Yad Ben-Zvi, says it may come from an easier and very precise wax-and-acid method used in ancient times which ate away at the stone to leave only the raised letters.

In any event, taken together the series of 66 stone plates contain the entire Book of Ezekiel, with only a few notable variances in wording compared to today’s accepted Hebrew text.

Part of the problem is that the institute is located on a small side street in a residential area of the capital that affords very limited access for the public.

The tiles have also failed to convince many in the archeological community that they date back to antiquity.

Meanwhile, the tomb of Ezekiel has gone from being a major pilgrimage site for Jews and Christians to a neglected shrine, after the mass Jewish exodus from Iraq in 1951.

That may be about to change, however, if the tests date them back around the first century.But that question may be settled soon, as two of the tiles were recently handed over to the Israel Museum to undergo dating tests.Results are expected soon, and the conclusions may require that the unique collection of stones be moved to a facility in Jerusalem that can give them more prominent display.But Iraqi authorities have recently given assurances about preserving the tomb.More than any other OT prophet, Ezekiel frequently dated events, his particular visions, and prophecies.

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Veteran Israeli archeologist Dan Bahat of Bar-Ilan University, while cautioning that artifacts from Mesopotamia are outside his field of expertise, told The Christian Edition that the script is similar to ones he has seen from the 7th or 8th century CE. Stephen Pfann, head of the University of the Holy Land and a Dead Sea Scrolls scholar, also suggested that studying the style of the script – a discipline known as paleography – is probably a better method of dating for such stone objects than carbon dating and other tests.

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