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Change the kind of pubs you visit, try to find new atmospheres and environments, join a gym/ classes with young people. Some of you might not agree, but I feel like I see a lot of couples out in Madrid and it feels like there are a lot of romantic relationship based activities to do here.

I will also say most of my friends (I'm 26 btw) from here are in long term relationships or seem to mostly have only done ltrs.

My tinder bracket’s similar to your but I’m male, and I had no relevant experience I can be proud of to this day. Madrid has a special place in my heart for very romantic reasons that are personal to me, so this caught my attention. People from Madrid are among the most open, smooth, friendly, easy going people anywhere in Europe.

I feel that the ritual of dating evolved as a way to meet partners in cultures where male-female friendships and large open social gatherings are rare, which is not the case for most 20-40 year-old Spaniards.

While I'm sure that Tinder and the like have resulted in many successful and fulfilling relationships in Spain, in my experience the way most people in Spain in your age range meet their sexual partners (casual or long term) is through mutual friends, hobbies, or work/university.

Maybe in Barcelona there's some problems dating, maybe the problem is somewhere else. If you surround yourself with people on your list, then you will find more of the people on your list. But I also feel you tend to be very judgmental of others.

You sound pretty jaded; maybe it's justified, but still, it's not a good starting point, specially if you are already in your thirties: Most guys will either feel intimidated and/or feel the shit you'll give them won't be worth the effort compared to younger (and probably more naïve) women.

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