Dating someone with different political views a guy when dating

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Dating someone with different political views

Not only has this worked for me, but several friends and family members of mine have also found cross-party relationships to actually be functional. For some people, there are bonds stronger than a political party that can hold their relationship together.It's no picnic (especially with this current election cycle), but it's not impossible to find love when you have opposing political views if . See each other as people and not just "red" or "blue." Couples who share similar religious beliefs, cultural backgrounds, passions, or life experiences can put those above their political ideologies.

But another stark reality is that young women — and women of all ages — are increasingly finding our voices, and this could yield long-term paradigm shifts in the worlds of dating and marriage.If you're able to find something in your life that's more important than your party identifiers, you'll have it to fall back on when a political tornado cycles through.A couple months before the 2016 presidential election, I came across a study that revealed that just nine percent of Republicans and eight percent of Democrats said their spouse or partner was a member of the other major political party.Shouldn’t wearing a MAGA hat on a mainstream dating site suffice? I was asked to weigh in as the online dating expert, on what I’ve seen in the digital dating world.From where I stand, politics has created a fiery love triangle for daters.

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There’s you, your date, and politics looking over your shoulder.

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