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Dating situations

Skopek, Schulz and Blossfeld (2009) name, among others, the independence of space and time, high heterogeneity of the user population, a large number of potential partners, anonymity and contact options.Armed with criteria checklists, life motive rankings, personality schemes and the like, online dating candidates try to achieve a more or less rationally founded pre-selection of potential partners.It provides a powerful means of quick exchange and there is more to it than just the topics referred to: One may determine the order of posts, tailor the length of messages according to contact stadium, signal intensity by short delay of responding, and so forth.Moreover, the ambiguity of written information provides ample opportunities to read between the lines (see above), which may induce positive expectancies and higher openness to new experiences.According to Döring (2003), one major advantage of online dating is that it may thereby prevent individuals from effects of negative initial categorization and stereotyping that sometimes hinder proper impression formation in face-to-face contact.This perspective is supported by self-reports of online daters who claim that few lines in an email often disclose much more about a person than a photo (, 2011;, 2011).A glance, a few spoken words are sufficient to tell us a story about a highly complex manner…” (1946, p. Getting to know each other on the internet, however, holds special challenges to our impression formation skills.Compared to the dynamic of face-to-face-situations, the perceiver is provided with very limited input, because the options for self-presentation are usually restricted to static information such as text and photographs (Kim, Kwon & Lee, 2009; Toma & Hancock, 2010; Walther, 2007).

In general, technically mediated interaction “is often regarded as a priori full of deficits and (depending on dose) in tendency destructive surrogate for face-to-face interaction” (Döring, 2003, p. Some theorists claim that so-called channel-reduction impoverishes communication because it leads to de-sensualization and de-emotionalization (Winterhoff-Spurk & Vitouch, 1989).Male subjects were presented with identical information about a young woman who presented herself either in a short video-clip, per audio-trace, in a written text that was accompanied by a photo or by written text only.Afterwards, participants judged how confident they felt with the impression they have formed of the target person, how pronounced the impression was, and how much they would like to get in contact with that girl.Surprisingly little information seems to suffice us humans when we are about to form an impression of others.In his pioneer work on the field, Solomon Asch stated: “We look at a person and immediately, a certain impression of his character forms itself in us.

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The “big” German-speaking pay-portals throughout offer quite elaborate and sometimes even psychologically grounded tests assessing personality traits, preferences, life motives, value orientations and the likes.

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