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Dating site in pskov

Having fortified the town, Daumantas routed the Teutonic Knights at Rakvere and overran much of Estonia.His remains and sword are preserved in the local kremlin, and the core of the citadel, erected by him, still bears the name of "Dovmont's town".As the second largest city of the Grand Duchy of Moscow, Pskov still attracted enemy armies.Most famously, it withstood a prolonged siege by a 50,000-strong Polish army during the final stage of the Livonian War (1581–1582).By the 14th century, the town functioned as the capital of a de facto sovereign republic.Its most powerful force was the merchants who brought the town into the Hanseatic League.

Population: Pskov is one of the oldest cities in Russia.

It served as the capital of the Pskov Republic and was a trading post of the Hanseatic League.

Later it came under the control of the Grand Duchy of Moscow and the subsequent Russian Empire.

The importance of the city made it the subject of numerous sieges throughout its history.

The Pskov Krom (or Kremlin) withstood twenty-six sieges in the 15th century alone.

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Pskovians sometimes take this year as the city's foundation date, and in 2003 a great jubilee took place to celebrate Pskov's 1,100th anniversary.

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