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Posted by / 27-Oct-2020 14:01

I guess that with15 years of using You and I Get Together, you could say that I am actually a good judge of this company.

What I have found extremely effective is the way Brianne and her team really hone in on my personality and find good matches for me.

We have reserched your address and it comes up outside of our verification.

I never got any receipt for my payment at all as well. Whilst we appreciate feed back on all accounts to maintain a stantard of service to our valued and respected members, your review does not align with a genuine verified reviewed as stated above.None of this would of happened without you Brianne and your wonderful Agency and Crew, we were only just talking about you last week, so I felt prompted to contact you with this THANK YOU Blog I have been a client of You and I Get Together several times over 15 years.It has been nice to always find the same personnel at the company, so we can have a laugh about the past and kick off where we left.I know I was lucky that there was someone there when I signed up but if you are really expecting this agency to provide you with someone close to your expectations then sometimes that may mean you have to wait.Also I have found in my life you generally get treated the way you treat others.

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Brianne has demonstrated good old fashioned service and I have had more communication with her in several weeks, than I have experienced with another agency in 9 months.