Dating scammer veronica petrova

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But I will stop here and let you read her words for yourself. Here is her email address, so called street address, etc. Please withhold my name and email, but you may contact me... To write down to you symbols I, while I shall use the program Compilations. If something to you It will not be understandable to inform me concerning it. I not so well speak Concerning the English language. I have much money, so like and idiot, I sent money to her via Western Union. The odd thing is that I speak Russian and so I send her an email in Russian that went completely ignored.

If it wasnt for FTD, I may have continued to be duped. We have an efficient and branchy net of lawyers and private investigators, working in the large cities throughout the whole Russian Federation, Ukraine and FSU countries.Raisa Petrova (Tyumen, Russia)My scam started when I posted my info on Raisa Petrova Sent 27 August 2001 Hi my favorite friend. Today I hurried up in Internet - cafe to read your letter. Sometimes it is difficult to me to understand them. I hope, with each new letter we understand more each other.

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