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I imagined I would spend it as a productive mental health day – sleep late, wake up refreshed, tidy the house, work out, catch up on the To Do list.

Instead, my brain heard “sick day” and figured it needed to actually make my body sick. So now I feel sort of thick-tonsilled and fuzzy-headed which is making it difficult to weave a cohesive thesis out of my Fringe experience thus far.

(Except when “real life” is going to or performing in a play, but we’ve already covered that postmodern ground together.) When actors seem to ignore this fact, the result feels too private and indulgent for me, as if the performer couldn’t care less that I was there at all. So I’ve always preferred that performances and productions embrace their not-realness, and that actors lift their energy, even slightly, to include me. Jeff has a formidable intelligence, a robust moral center, and a wicked sense of humor. They displayed playful comedic chops, open emotional access, and authentic moment-to-moment interaction. They handled the absurdist aspects of the play with confidence, balancing exuberance in some moments with restraint in others. Though perhaps if they catch wind of all this effusive praise I’m throwing their way, maybe some smugness will come upon them.

I find the juxtaposition of outsized abusrdism and relatable naturalism really intriguing in this show. Her character never comments on the wackiness around her, but deals with it authentically, as it were all just a part of her ordinary life.

I should warn you though that I am currently in a fog of psychosomatic illness.

I decided last night to take a sick day today because I was starting to feel run down.

Welcome to the last two (official) weeks of A Year of Plays.

Thankfully, these weeks coincide with the New York International Fringe Festival, when the city has plays coming out its ears every moment of the day.

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