Dating pisces female songs about a girl dating another guy

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Dating pisces female

Pisces can be resourceful and is certainly strong enough to stand on her own two feet with assistance. Once she discovers her true path, Pisces becomes a formidable force like the salmon fighting to swim upstream.

That stamina and persistence is just one surprising ability a Pisces woman has, often cloaked beneath her gentle facade. This means she's ascended through the zodiac wheel from one lifetime after another and has accumulated all of the knowledge and experiences of being each sun sign.

Her greatest challenge in life is learning how to cope with so much sensory information.

Pisces has a deep well of personal strength, resilience and capability.Even if her job isn't one of serving others directly, her extracurricular activities definitely will. A Cancer or Scorpio is the best romantic love match for a Pisces woman.These two water signs have a better understanding of her mood swings and sensitivity.Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn complement her and provide her a safe haven sheltered from some of the influences which she might not recognize are depleting her energy and emotions.Earth signs are great protectors of the fish and can provide form and structure to an otherwise fluid environment. You only get a glimpse of what she wants you to see and hides the rest from your curious eyes.

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Your actions are what she'll believe, not your words, so be careful how you treat her.

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