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The S indicates the printing location - Southampton.

c.1988 - present: The edition code style was slightly changed again in April 1988.

Since the first revisions of Ordnance Survey maps, in the mid-1800s, there have been markings on each sheet to indicate the date of revision or printing.

Sometimes, these codes were simply tacked on to the end of the previous print code(s), e.g. The format of the code was a contraction of the previous style, e.g. In this case, the code indicates 3000 copies, printed in 1936. The format was similar to that of the previous style, but contained more information.c.1953 - c.1960: The letter style of edition code spread to the rest of the scales from 1953, and was slightly modified.The first printing of a sheet was still given the edition code A.Major libraries, including Legal Deposit Libraries, where published maps are held include: You can view Ordnance surveyors’ drawings online at the British Library website.The National Archives, though not the routine place of deposit for published Ordnance Survey maps (see the Legal Deposit Libraries in section 2 for this) does, however, hold many Ordnance Survey maps used during the working life of various government departments.

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Some print codes towards the end of this era have an extra part tacked on the end, e.g. 20,000/1/43 R, for example, indicates 20,000 copies, printed in January 1943 at printing company code R (Robinsons).