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Dating latricia walkthrough

Therefore, Evil Sims may want to someday become Emperor of Evil or a Gold Digger.If they achieve their goal, of which the objectives vary wish by wish, they will receive a large reward of Lifetime Happiness Points.Bottomless Nectar Cellar: 30,000 Lifetime Happiness Points Traits That Inspire This Lifetime Wish: Green Thumb, Natural Cook, Snob: If you don't want to buy them yourself, you'll need to take up gardening to really excel at this one.Use the time while your nectar makers are working to tend the garden for time efficiency.Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder: 29,000 Lifetime Happiness Points: The Science career track requires fishing, gardening and handiness to advance.Keep this in mind when you're choosing your Sim's traits.Changing the wish knocks off 10,000 points from the "profit" of fulfilling the wish, because of this expense.

Alchemy Artisan: 40,000 Lifetime Happiness Points Traits that Inspire This Lifetime Wish: Gatherer, Supernatural Fan: Take the Supernatural Alchemy Skill, and begin researching new potion recipes.

Become a Master Thief: 32,500 Lifetime Happiness Points: Take the kleptomaniac trait for extra fun.

This Sim will need a high athletic skill to succeed.

These points are also gained by completing normal wishes, and can be spent to buy upgrades for your Sim (such as steel bladder, teleporting and the moodlet manager).

Lifetime Wishes have been around since the Sims 2, in the form of Lifetime Wants. When a Lifetime Wish has been completed, they have fulfilled their greatest desire and will no longer have a Lifetime Wish.

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