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We are here to help you make your day or event a more memorable one. INDIAN VILLAGE6746 East Cave Creek Road Cave Creek, AZ 85327480-488-2827" Fresh Homemade Mexican Food " Located in Historic Downtown Cave Creek. Then you need to stop in and let us help you satisfy those hunger pains. daily5 miles north of Clayton, OK on Hwy 2Clayton, OK 74536918-569-4633Fax: [email protected] Cafe and Store/Amish Gourmet Shop located 5 miles north of Clayton, OK. The original wood and glass display cases, marble counter, soda fountain and metal chairs will take you back to the late 1800's when this historic building was built.

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A place that will make you feel comfortable as you walk in?

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You're always welcome to drop in for a bit at our place, the Indian Village. Really good homemade meals that will not only take care of your hunger but will please your pocketbook too. Friendly People, Rooms also available at the lodge. Gift items, cards, balloons and unique treasures fill the store.

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