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Dating guerrilla tactic

In the meantime, Warby Parker had 30 models getting ready in the hotel next door.

At approximately 3.30 that day, they invited everyone (editors and models) in and the models sat at the tables, pretending to read some bright blue books.

Said Andrew Nunnelly, a writer for Medallia –“It’s not easy to catch people’s attention at SXSW — there’s simply so much to do and so much to see — but it was clear that the wastefulness of traditional marketing swag immediately resonated with nearly everyone who saw our volunteers.

The goal of the company’s initiative was not only to collect much-needed items to distribute to the community, but also to raise awareness of the issue of homelessness in Austin.”They could’ve just advertised, or set up a few billboards to raise awareness of Paris’ critically underserved homeless population.

The focus on “vanity” and a statement mirror is very clever – participants are immediately inclined to be indulgent and runaway with their ideas.

These chart demonstrate the phenomenal success of the Ice Bucket Challenge – the peer-to-peer campaign raised an insane amount of money, and now it’s difficult to find a person who doesn’t know about ALS.

They left a trail of stickers behind them—in the best campus bars, in the most exclusive nightclubs.”: How Tinder Obtained More Than 50 Million Users Through Word-Of-Mouth Blogger outreach campaigns are an effective way to take guerilla tactics online, and reach your target customers in their own communities.

In The Ultimate Sales Machine, Chet Holmes introduced the idea of the Dream 100: 100 influential people you need to reach out to and build a relationship with in order to make your company successful.

Because they’re so excited to star on the Mod Cloth blog, they also talk about “Blogger of the Moment” to their own communities – more publicity for Mod Cloth!

One Kings Lane invited bloggers to showcase their vanities In its “Reflect Your Style” campaign, One Kings Lane invited bloggers to create a mood board of their dream vanity with decorative accents, centered around one of their statement mirrors.

We were handing out tee shirts, buttons, and stickers.

Anytime someone didn’t know what Foursquare was, we helped them find it on their phone.

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But the poster children of guerrilla marketing usually involve huge budgets and expansive resources not typically available to lean ecommerce businesses.