Dating gibson ebo bass and relationship quality in dating couples

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Dating gibson ebo bass

Then we installed new high quality pots and an output jack , and wired everything to the Darkstar pickup. There were just a few more final touches to put on Mike’s bass: routing the pickguard to fit around the Darkstar pickup, string it up, and give it a full 15 point setup.

We use heat shrink tubing on all the connections, reinforcing all the connections to ensure against any possible breakage. This bass came in looking super funky, but left with some major mojo. LEARN TO DO WHAT WE DO- Whether you want to learn basic guitar setup or advance your current repair skills, we have a variety of Guitar Repair, Maintenance, and Guitar Building classes to choose from!

Our new friend Mike brought in his prized 1960’s Gibson EB-O Bass for a total overhaul.

The original pickup was falling apart, the electronics were shot, and the neck fingerboard was, well… Over the past 50 years or so, Mike had put a lot of himself into his bass (quite literally), and it was high time it was cleaned up.

If you ran a survey asking folks to name the most iconic electric guitar manufacturer ever, you’ll get a variety of answers, but the majority may likely end up being a split between Gibson and Fender.

In this 2-day class, you’ll gain an understanding how to identify and address these types of issues.

We then buffed the finish with our rotary buffer, being extra careful to not burn through the heat sensitive finish. Sadly, the original pickup had completely disintegrated, and Mike decided he didn’t want to salvage it.

Instead, he decided to replace the pickup with a Darkstar DS-1, which is a faithful recreation of the old Hagstrom pickups used in early Guild basses, and sounds damn good.

The first order of business was to get the funk off the neck and body.

We were up against a THICK layer of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells (eww! We very carefully removed all the funk from the fretboard, keeping the chisel flat against the board and cutting against the grain – we didn’t want to dig into the rosewood underneath.

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And moving up the neck took me to the traditional and recognizable headstock that houses a quartet of 20:1 Grover tuners, letting me know I was indeed checking out a Gibson.