Dating fender pro junior amps

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I will go into the details of the serial number systems in the next article, but needless to say, it makes thing much more difficult for us.

If you would like to contribute information to our research you can do so by e-mail ([email protected]).

I try my best to answer each and every e-mail that I receive that either requests information or that submits info for our research.

Sometimes my answers are very short, but that’s usually because I have a lot of other e-mail to read and answer.

Devin, Greg and I do collect data on our own, but the research goes much more quickly when we receive information from other sources, i.e. And it’s not always easy to collect data ourselves.

Some stores and dealers at guitar shows are very happy to let use inspect their amps while others go ballistic and show us the door.

Unfortunately, these amps are infamous for humming problems. The internet is full of suggested fixes, some of them ridiculously expensive, some easy to do but, at least in my case, ineffective. But I'm more of a sound fetishist, and so the hum is not something I can easily live with.

My PJ is currently at a tech (after new, expensive, matched tubes failed to solve the problem), and who knows if he can help me, and at what price.

I have the Boss 63 reverb pedal coming to use with it.

But as soon as you stop playing you can hear it loud and clear even at lower settings. it is very loud for the rated wattage, in an apartment setting you won't be able to crank it and roll of the volume effectively without being loud (which was my goal). the joint was on the top of the amp by the panel and it stuck up a bit. to be honest had i not gotten one with an issue i'd be keeping it.

very responsive to volume and tone controls on the guitar. after reading reviews and hearing of a lot of issues these have i will be sending it back and getting a(nother) blues jr.

I'm also not thrilled that this thing is made of MDF.

I ordered a bigger pine cabinet with room for a 12" speaker, and I hope I'll end up with the simple, quiet, reliable tone machine I was dreaming of.

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Many of these serialization schemes changed within a given model.

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