Dating dresden china

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Dating dresden china

Most imitations will be colourful and completely different in style from the original early 18th century meissen pieces.In the 1880’s Meissen did take legal steps and attempt to stop the imitations (as they have also done with their crossed swords mark), but as with today’s modern market, the general public are quite willing to accept imitations at the right price and the copies continue to be produced throughout europe.Its products were advertised using the slogan “Derby the second Dresden”, directly relating it to Meissen and high quality porcelain. The Augustus Rex monogram (AR) was introduced by Meissen in the first half of the 18th century and other manufacturers quickly saw the advantage of including a pseudo AR mark on their own porcelain wares.The list below details the best of these and includes English and European makers marks.

In 1841 the factory was taken over by his brother Carlo Tinelli and Giulio Richard, then in 1870 Giulio Richard gained full control and in 1873 renamed it to “Società Ceramica Richard”.In 1927 the company was taken over by the Lorenz Hutschenreuter AG from Selb.The mark shown was registered in the RWZR (Weiden district) on the 7th of November 1882 and is actually ‘AB’ and not ‘AR’ but the style is intended to mirror the Augustus Rex mark.The factory did not produce real art porcelain but was more focussed on table wares.Founded in 1770 by Joseph François Boussomaert Used from: 1770 – 1790 The Arras porcelain factory was founded in 1770 by Joseph François Boussomaert under the protection of M. However, the Arras factory only produced soft paste porcelain which was painted in the style of the Tournai and Chantilly factories.

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However pieces marked with the AR monogram were produced in the very early days of the meissen factory and are mostly decorated with oriental motifs, in the Bottger chinoiserie or the kakiemon style.