Dating blue ridge pottery

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Dating blue ridge pottery

Chinese blue and white porcelain was once-fired: after the porcelain body was dried, decorated with refined cobalt-blue pigment mixed with water and applied using a brush, coated with a clear glaze and fired at high temperature.

From the 16th century, local sources of cobalt blue started to be developed, although Persian cobalt remained the most expensive.

There was already a considerable tradition of painted Chinese ceramics, mainly represented at that time by the popular stoneware Cizhou ware, but this was not used by the court.due to the influence of Muslim eunuchs serving at his court.By the end of the century, a large Chinese export porcelain trade with Europe had developed, and the so-called Kraak ware style had developed.Gradually the Chinese kilns recovered, and by about 1740 the first period of Japanese export porcelain had all but ceased.Partly as a result of the work of Francois Xavier d'Entrecolles however, an early example of industrial spying in which the details of Chinese porcelain manufacture were transmitted to Europe, Chinese exports of porcelain soon shrank considerably, especially by the end of the reign of the Qianlong Emperor.

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In the early 14th century, mass-production of fine, translucent, blue and white porcelain started at Jingdezhen, sometimes called the porcelain capital of China.

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