Dating black women inter racial

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Dating black women inter racial

Prior to the repeal of these laws in 2000, several attempts were made to void the sentence, ultimately the couple resorted to relocation to avoid further prejudice.Around a similar time was the controversy surrounding Seretse and Ruth Khama.There are a few potential reasons as to why such strong ideas on interracial sex developed.The Reconstruction Era following the Civil War started to disassemble traditional aspects of Southern society.Races did not want to mix, the whites were feeling inadequate and wanted to take back control.

Later, they both continued to fight laws surrounding interracial marriage.

The Southerners who were used to being dominant were now no longer legally allowed to run their farms using slavery.

Many whites struggled with this reformation and attempted to find loopholes to continue the exploitation of black labour.

The remnants of the racial divide became stronger post-slavery as the concept of whiteness developed.

There was a widely held belief that uncontrollable lust threatens the purity of the nation.

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For example, mixed race couples that chose to live together were sought out and lynched by the KKK.