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Many of the buildings contained workshops where artisans produced pottery and other goods.

The original name of the city is also not known, Teotihuacn, which means place of the gods, was given to it by the Aztecs although they never lived in Teotihuacn but visited it as a place of pilgrimage as they believed it was the place where the world was created.

Although buildings have been found which date back to 200 BC the development of Teotihuacn began in the first century AD, which was when the Pyramid of the Sun was constructed.

This development resulted from the exploitation of natural resources and an increase in agricultural production resulting in the development of trade.

Between the 4th and 7th century Teotihuacn was to reach it height with influence throughout most parts of Mesoamerica reaching its peak around 450 AD when it was to become one of the largest cities of the world at that time covering an area of 30 Sq km (11 Sq miles) with a population of between 85,000-200,000 inhabitants.

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