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Collecting Tips It’s important to know who and what to look for when viewing the number of different types and sizes of American-made antique coffee mills and grinders found online and at shows and markets – this can be an expensive collecting hobby.There are many reproductions on the market and it is often buyer-beware when making a purchase.He wrote to Jefferson in 1801 about his invention: “Sir, … a coffee mill, that grinds a pound in 4 & 1/2 minutes…” His wall-mounted device ground beans between metal nuts with coarse and fine teeth, a design popularized by companies throughout the 19th and early 20th century.Many of these wall-mounted grinders were made of brass or cast iron and featured a clear glass hopper at the top to hold beans to be ground – as much as a pound or more.Other notable American manufacturers include Logan and Strobridge, The Charles Parker Co., Steinfeld, Wilmont Castle, and Wrightsville Hardware Company.The Cost to Collect Google “antique coffee grinders” and dozens of websites pop up, from e Bay to Pinterest (for beauty shots), Etsy (for restoration and reproduction projects), collector sites, and auction houses.

The one-wheel store model was patented in 1870 by John Gulick Baker of Philadelphia (Champion #1), and the two-wheel model was made in 1873.The big crank handle on the side would be turned to start the grinding, and a wooden drawer at the base would collect the ground coffee.Over time this utilitarian device became more decorative and ornate.The result is a working, decorative display piece that is now valued as art and as a piece of history – an object of everyday life, then and now.Enterprise Manufacturing Company Paint-decorated Cast Iron and Bronze Coffee Mill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, c.

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One of the most popular coffee mills for grinding larger amounts of coffee in the general store was the Enterprise Model No. Manufactured between 18, it stood 42 inches high, had 25-inch diameter wheels and weighed about 140 pounds. Such mills became status symbols for those general store owners who could afford them. Today, wall-mounted, box-shaped, table-mounted, one-wheel, and two-wheel mills and other types of commercial and household grinders from the 19th and the first half of the 20th century, are all highly collectible and run the gamut from rustic to highly ornate and decorative.

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