Dating and socio economic status Israel free chat sex woman

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Dating and socio economic status

Again, based on my personal observation this statistics seems to hold some validity as well. I grew up with a lot of wealthy people, ultimately the total package I think is the most important. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum. We do not know how great a role medical care plays in explaining disparities by race and socioeconomic status in health and health care.I think if any man had his pick of women, he'd choose a slimmer, tighter, more fit woman.And the guys with the money have first dibs on those ones. Many of the ethnic groups that tend to be poorer, at least in the US, also culturally value lusher women and buffer men.So naturally they're not going to get romantically linked.Buff, muscular men don't get that way without working out several times a week.Despite lack of concrete evidence, this patterns does seem to hold some validity based on general observations.

I think it matters at a certain baseline/threshold level-but beyond/above that, not so much.

For the men it apeared that those lower on the socioeconomic pole tended to hold a preference for more curvy, bigger chested women and those higher up the pole tended to prefer their women a bit more slim and petite.

Again, based on my personal observation this statistics seems to hold some validity as well. Your question was not what I thought (the old women prefer rich men schtick).

I don't really think that's the case, that poorer people prefer fatter people BUT, there might actually be a kernel of truth in that.

In Western countries, poorer people tend to be more overweight on average, as well as rural folk, while rich people tend to be slimmer, more in shape. Maybe that redneck is just more used to seeing bigger women and this will influence what he finds attractive, and vice versa.

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That's me getting pedantic & tangential, sorry^ The reason for my inquiry is that I recently read a publication stating that women lower on the socioeconomic totem pole tended to find muscular/buff men more attractive, and women higher on the socioeconomic pole tended to go for darker, slimmer types.

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