Dating a guy with attention deficit disorder

Posted by / 05-Jan-2021 06:34

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Sometimes, the breakup comes as a complete shock to the partner with ADHD, who was too distracted to notice that the relationship was failing.

In an effort to escape feeling overwhelmed by housework or demanding children, the partner with ADHD may have mentally and emotionally withdrawn, leaving the other partner feeling abandoned and resentful.

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Building and maintaining a strong relationship is a challenge for anyone.

Although these fits of anger may pass as quickly as they appear, cruel words uttered on impulse may increase tension in the home environment.

ADHD can negatively affect relationships, but this does not have to be the case.

Mutual acceptance of imperfections can go a long way in terms of creating empathy for each other, and learning to slow down.

This neurodevelopmental disorder is chronic, which means that people have it throughout their lives.

Most people experience difficulties with the following: Relationships may be characterized by angry or inappropriate outbursts by the partner with ADHD.

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Couples therapy with a professional who specializes in ADHD can provide additional support for both partners, and help the couple navigate their way back to productive, honest communication.

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