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[email protected]: Our current system has a lot of potential but we have no idea how to get that potential out of it. Whether its full- or part-time users or even volunteers, we can put together a presentation and training session that will make sure your end users are good to go for every production.Our training team comes in ahead of time to get a full look at your system and than designs both visual, hands on, and documentation for your system.We can help you maximize your entire system and help your team understand [email protected]“We had several company’s come in and speck out a system for our facility but didn’t feel like we were getting what we needed...As with all of our systems education comes standard.Contact us today to find out how we may begin to serve all your video needs.With systems to add slight accent lighting to full theater lighting systems we are here to design the perfect system.Just as with all our systems, education comes standard.

[email protected]: What is the cost of a new A/V system for our facility?Sometimes rolling into an unknown facility can be the scariest part of a production.Hydeout Audio has worked in almost every facility in Chicago, from Hotels, Theaters, multi-production centers, and conventions [email protected]: We are looking into a new system but it has to be able to serve a bunch of needs. We have always believed that sitting down with each department in your facility will help make sure your system meets all your needs.Thats why we always sit down with everyone that will have a need for this system to make sure that once your system is installed, it doesn’t fall short of its potential.

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