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Cvs linux pserver not validating password

Could someone tell me exactly what the "pserver" mode is, in regards to CVS?The term "pserver" is used frequently, but I've yet to find an explanation of what it actually is. The "default" mode would be local access, where a developer has an account on the system hosting the CVS repository and accesses its directory and files directly. Nowadays on a typical linux (probably on unices too) that means it is present in the file When you add a user cvs doesn't know that there is already a user on the system with that name.

Add these few lines to the /etc/profile file after the "export PATH " line. It is a little harder than other sections because it is not anywhere nearly as well documented as things like Samba although it is defiantly getting there. The following are the steps for setting this feature up: This is one of the harder areas of the Linux build.Modified by me for Cent OS(2.6.18-194.32.1.el5xen). Portions © 2011 wm.l.scheding, all rights reserved. I was able to get it going by using parts from both of them. I suggest you use the standard path (/var/cvs/cvsroot) for the CVS repository unless you have a particular reason to place it somewhere else. If you want to use an old CVS repository on a new machine just copy it to the new /home/cvs/cvsroot. First grab yourself a copy of the CVS Server should do it.

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You want the cvs files owned by a user cvs (maybe with tight privileges) and no users running shells on your servers.