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We are responsible for how our words and actions make our partner feel.

In other words, intimacy can only occur when partners are vulnerable enough to share their deepest hopes, fears, and dreams without judgement.

Change comes from the bottom up: that is from the person who is in the most pain, or who has the least power, or who has lost or compromised too much in the relationship.” When you focus on changing your partner, you miss the opportunity to work together to come up with a solution. Instead, focus on the issues at hand to meet both of your needs.

Anger is usually a symptom of underlying hurt, fear, and frustration, so speak in I statements and focus on expressing your feelings in a vulnerable way that invites your partner to understand your pain, rather than pushes them away.

When people feel criticized, disliked, and unappreciated they are unable to change.

Instead, they feel under siege and dig in to protect themselves.” Be genuinely interested in learning about why they see or do something differently than you, and be open to respecting and even celebrating what makes each of you unique.


By talking about this in my office, Ben finally understood Alicia’s fear of being alone.

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