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"That's where we were in the beginning with my parents." Because what could be more sufficiently motivating than getting families or friend groups to get along?

Research has shown that the existence of interracial partnerships is complicated by socioeconomic status, novelty and even the fetishization of someone of one race by another; these factors could play a role in how interracial couples see each other or what motivates the relationship in the first place.

Hatcher-Mays wrote, "Increased visibility of our differences leads to things like 'acceptance' and 'disrupting the status quo' and also 'not arresting biracial people's dads for kidnapping.'" When it comes to cross-race relations, social cognitive psychology suggests that with "sufficient motivation ...Ok Cupid data recently revealed that while users claim to be open-minded, racial background makes a difference for matching.And not all races approach interracial dating in the same way.We learn through seeing and observing models, as psychologists have shown; the fancy scientific term is "social cognitive theory." "Symbolic communication influences human thought, affect, and action," psychologist Albert Bandura wrote in 2001, and symbolic communication includes mass media."Human nature is a vast potentiality that can be fashioned by direct and observational experience." , "This is just a stupid commercial about Cheerios but it means a lot to me.

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It's been less than 50 years since blacks and whites have been able to legally marry, thanks to the Supreme Court, and 15.1% of new marriages in 2010 were between different races or ethnicities.

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