Cllocationmanager not updating precautions before updating bios on hp notebook

Posted by / 05-Nov-2020 13:04

Each location update requires power from GPS, WIFI, Cell and other radios.

Select a min Time value as high as possible while still providing a reasonable user experience.

The min Distance parameter can also be used to control the frequency of location updates.

If it is greater than 0 then the location provider will only send your application an update when the location has changed by at least min Distance meters, AND at least min Time milliseconds have passed.

If the provider is currently disabled, null is returned. The location update interval can be controlled using the min Time parameter.The fired Intent will have a boolean extra added with key .If the value is true, the device is entering the proximity region; if false, it is exiting.Requires the add Test Provider(String name, boolean requires Network, boolean requires Satellite, boolean requires Cell, boolean has Monetary Cost, boolean supports Altitude, boolean supports Speed, boolean supports Bearing, int power Requirement, int accuracy) Set a proximity alert for the location given by the position (latitude, longitude) and the given radius.When the device detects that it has entered or exited the area surrounding the location, the given Pending Intent will be used to create an Intent to be fired.

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If several providers meet the criteria, the one with the best accuracy is returned.