Ciara and reggie dating

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Ciara and reggie dating

CONFIRMEDRIHANNA: Chris Brown (long term relationship)Josh Harnett (briefly)Matt Kemp (Semi long term)CIARA: Bow Wow Missy Elliot50 Cent (stalked him and attacked Chelsea Handler)Queen Latifah Ludacris Reggie Bush Justin Timberlake (While he was with Cameron Diaz, to pay for Love, Sex, Magic)Trey Songz Amare Stoudemire Cam Newton Future (Nutted in her raw, had his bastard bvy)Russell Wilson (also used her child as leverage to stay relevant)Maybe this will make the gorls watch what they post from now on Anyways....

By: Taren Vaughan Reggie Bush was said to be on his way to entering the world of parenthood as rumors were going around about him becoming a father.

Tim Tebow is better than Reggie Bush by a landslide.

Now supposedly Reggie is more than ready to become not only a father but a married man too.

The latest gossip claims that Reggie is more than ready to take things to the next level and marry his pregnant girlfriend.

And it turns out that the rumors were actually not rumors at all as the Miami Dolphins’ running back confirmed yesterday that he and his girlfriend Lilit Avagyan are expecting a child together.

Even before Reggie came out and officially delivered the news to the media, word was, and still is, that Reggie’s ex-girlfriend reality TV star Kim Kardashian was not thrilled at all over the news of Reggie having a baby, even though Kim and Kanye continue to claim how happy they are with each other, despite what some sources are saying.

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Better yet, did he ever get over Kim supposedly cheating on him with Kanye?