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Seek out others who’ve worked through the process themselves and make the most of the same people you’d go to for advice if it were your own children: parents, grandparents, friends who are parents/teachers/carers and parents/teachers/carers in your community.

It is difficult to process the fact that our leaders are so eager to excuse the rampant sinful and catastrophic choices women are making, choices which have lead us to a state where over forty percent of children are now born out of wedlock.

Because of their cowardice and slavish devotion to their own feelings they are causing great harm to women and children.

This profound failure by Christian men is most evident when approaching the topic of now rampant single motherhood and how it has come to pass.

Calling out women on the other hand is extremely difficult.

It (on the surface) goes against our instinct to protect women, and it makes you like heroes.

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